About Us

The Rotterdam VHS festival shows videoshorts from all over the world, and takes place in an artist run space called "Kunst & Complex" located in a former factory building on the edge of Rotterdam’s city center.

Once a year we put together a 1,5 hour videoprogram and show this to our evergrowing (inter)national audience. Every once in a while we also show a 'best of' program in other places (check On The Road)

How To Apply?

We are always looking for new film/video material to include in our VHS nights!
WARNING! Our selection criteria are based on our personal tastes and preferences and are therefore completely unreliable and un-trustworthy :-).

Send your work to:
Rotterdam VHS Festival
Postbus 1032
3000 BA Rotterdam

email: vhs@rotterdamvhsfestival.com

We prefer short films with a maximum length of about 10 minutes (with a possible exception for masterpieces).
Click here to download application-form (JPG 159 kb)

We are also very interested to meet other programmers/curators/artists to increase overseas interaction.

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